Click and Collect with BigCommerce

We have just tied off another BigCommerce hackathon. It was great to be involved as part of the apps team at Space 48 with the omnichannel BigCom hackathon, which gave us an opportunity to try out some of the new multi-location inventory APIs, as well as the pickup methods: buy online, pick in-store methods.

And so kind of just kick off this hackathon, I used the experience of recently buying pyjamas for my daughter. Could order them online, but it’d take three or four days. I knew I was going to be passed one of their stores the next day. I just wanted to know whether or not I could walk in and pick some up the next day and it wasn’t possible. So with that in mind, I thought wouldn’t it be great to create a solution for BigCommerce where you could achieve this out of the box with a widget that could be dropped into the product page? So let me hop over to what we were able to achieve in that as part of this hackathon.

So now we have this check stock Locator on your product page where we can type in our location. So I’m in Bath. Get your address suggested, whether it be your kind of address or postcode. And then what it does, it uses those locations APIs to get all the available stores, finds the nearest, and then also checks the pickup locations to find out, the stock availability and click and collect availability for my nearest store.

So in this case, Bath. Now I have the ability to see the status of click and collect in Bath as well as whether or not, you know, the, the deliverability to, to my address, whether or not it’s in stock from the warehouse. We also can choose our other stores if you know you’re gonna be somewhere different.

We can then browse the list of locations by distance and see the stock availability as well as open times. We also added the ability to select your store. So perhaps, actually I’m, I’m in Bath right now, but London is my preference, and so we can select that store and all of that will be remembered as you continue to browse the site as well.

So you’re gonna have to put in your address once. Also, adapt to once you change your variant choices, it would also then go and check for that particular SKU and its stock availability. So, yeah, a lot of fun. Enjoyed being part of another BigCommerce hackathon. Roll on the next one.

Tom Robertshaw
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