BigCommerce Town Hall – Q2 2024

The latest BigCommerce town hall delivered valuable insights into the company’s steady growth, new product updates, and exciting new features on the horizon. Hosted every three months by CEO Brent Bellm and members of the product and marketing teams, these sessions provide a comprehensive look into BigCommerce’s performance, new customer acquisitions, and future developments.

In case you missed the Q2 2024 session, here are the key highlights. You can also watch the event back, or read the slides

Company updates

BigCommerce continues to thrive as a public company, marking its fourth year with $340 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR). The company has shifted its focus toward profitability over growth, achieving an adjusted EBITDA of 5% in Q1 2024. Notably, Enterprise customers now represent 73% of BigCommerce’s ARR.

A significant personnel update this quarter is the appointment of Travis Hess as the new president. Travis brings extensive experience, having founded an ecommerce agency and most recently serving as a Managing Director of the D2C commerce practice at Accenture.

The Next Big Thing

At the EMEA Summit in April, BigCommerce unveiled “The Next Big Thing,” showcasing upcoming product innovations and partnerships. Highlights from this edition include:

Innovative new merchants

One of the most enjoyable segments of the town hall is hearing about the latest merchants that have launched on BigCommerce along with their chosen technology and agency partners.  There is always a broad set of verticals that BigCommerce has been able to support though increasingly we see B2B edition to be a real deciding factor.

A UK-based running shoes and clothes store that launched a headless Next.js multi-storefront and multi-lingual store. They partnered with Vercel, Prismic, Bloomreach, Stripe and Space 48 amongst others.

Donald Russell

A traditional Scottish butcher that has migrated from Magento 2. They partnered with ShipperHQ, Yotpo, Klevu, StagingPro, PayPal and IDHL. Excitingly they also are customers of our Mega Menu app and Metafields Manager app

Eclipse Furniture

A leading UK commercial furniture supplier that adopted BigCommerce B2B edition and partnered with MTC for the implementation.


Australia’s leading online bike retailer that migrated from Magento 2. They partnered with Netsuite, Klaviyo, ShipperHQ, Yotpo, TrustPilot, Adyen and more. Excitingly, their search is powered by our Hyper Search app.

Healthy Pets

An American Veterinary Pets Supplies business. They have an innovative approach to capturing payments so that payments can be managed within their Netsuite ERP rather than BigCommerce. In terms of partners, they are supported by Celigo, MiniBC subscriptions, Klaviyo, Advanced Shipping Manager and EY Studios amongst others.

La Gaia

An Australian skincare brand that is in the process of migrating from Shopify.  They’ve started by choosing the BigCommerce B2B edition for their B2B store.


ITR Benelux is a manufacturer within the earthmoving industry. They also have come to BigCommerce for the B2B edition. Their store is powered by Stripe, HubSpot, iDEAL, and SMC Consulting.

Eco Products

A provider of renewable and recycled packaging for the food service industry. Coming from WooCommerce, they’ve integrated with Netsuite, ShipperHQ, Rewind, ShogunAvalara, StagingPro, CyberSource and agency partner Folio3. Last but not least, we’re proud to say that their site navigation is powered by Hypa Mega Menu.

Marshall Wolf Automation

Independent and woman-owned industrial automation distributor. They migrated to BigCommerce B2B edition from Magento 2 and have adopted Avalara, Klaviyo, ShipperHQ,, Rewind, Klevu and Braintree. They partnered with Obundle for their implementation. 

Marketing Updates

Melissa Dixon highlighted the latest thought leadership from BigCommerce:

Product updates

Troy Cox detailed the latest product developments:

  • Catalyst: The headless Next.js reference implementation now supports the customer account area and localization in 20 languages. Upcoming features include analytics integration, Makeswift Page Builder support, wallet payment methods, and B2B Edition.
  • Instant Commerce from Feedonomics: Integrates with Amazon, Walmart, Google, Doordash, and Uber to provide local pickup and same-day delivery options.
  • PayPal: Improved ability to vault customer card details.
  • Open sourced B2B Buyer Portal: Now available for customized B2B experiences.
  • Multi-Storefront: Upcoming launch of fully localized storefronts, including product content, checkout translations, and payment methods.
  • Security Certifications: BigCommerce earned ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certifications for data security and privacy in the cloud.
  • Inventory Management: New import/export feature for updating inventory across multiple locations.
  • StagingPro: Recent updates include staging and publishing PageBuilder pages, content scheduling, and BitBucket support.

Development Updates

  • Subresource Integrity Hashes: Now supported by Script Manager and will become a requirement in 2025 as part of PCI DSS 4.0
  • GraphQL Support: Additional support for customers, orders, and product reviews.
  • New Webhooks: For price lists and metafields, as well as support for Google PubSub and Amazon EventBridge.
  • Metafields Enhancements: Now available for customers and at the store level, with bulk management and a super user API for permission overrides, supported by Metafields Manager.

Q&A Highlights

The Q&A session always offers valuable insights into BigCommerce’s plans. One standout announcement was the upcoming launch of product attributes, allowing merchants to define product fields upfront along with their types, promising an improvement in catalog management.


The Q2 2024 BigCommerce town hall provided a wealth of information about the company’s financial health, exciting new product updates, and innovative merchant launches. As BigCommerce continues to evolve, these quarterly town halls are a valuable resource for staying informed and engaged with the platform’s progress and future direction.

Until next time, stay tuned for more updates from BigCommerce!

Tom Robertshaw
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