Launching Hyper Search for BigCommerce

We’re excited to launch Hyper Search – a lightning fast search for BigCommerce

A great shopping experience starts with great search experience. We’ve brought our own Search product to the BigCommerce app store to ensure that merchants have access to a lightning-fast search engine that shows results instantly as you type.

Hyper-fast & typo-tolerant search

We know that customers that use search are more likely to convert because they have stronger purchase intent. A great search solution needs to get out of their way, surfacing accurate results as quickly as possible. For this solution we’ve partnered with Typesense, an industry-leading open-source search engine.

Hyper Search offers an innovative search experience where search results are immediately shown in an overlay. This allows customers to filter and sort search results and continue shopping without waiting for a search results page to load.

Beta programme available

We’re rapidly iterating on our product and so if you would like to get involved and make an impact on the direction of the product, please let us know!

Tom Robertshaw
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