Automated Categories is now live on the BigCommerce App Store

We’re excited to announce that our first Bigcommerce app, Automated Categories, is now live on the app store.

Manually assigning products to categories is tedious and error-prone. With Automated Categories, you set up the product conditions once and our automation will handle assigning products to categories. Spend less time managing your product catalogue, and more time growing your store.

Announcing the public beta

While we initially planned on running a private beta, we accidentally published the app about 6 weeks ago and have since been running a not-private-but-not-exactly-public beta, let’s call it a quiet beta. This has been a great way to squash the launch bugs and iterate on the user experience by seeing how real merchants are using the app.

Already, we’ve seen people use this to create categories based on:

  • Brand
  • Name or description contains
  • SKU starts with
  • Is Preorder product

We also think it’s a great way to manage a “Sale” category with any product with a sale price, or “New In” categories, with products created since a particular date.

As we now move into the public beta phase, we are running an extended free trial during May while we implement billing 😅

A milestone on our journey

This is an early and important milestone in our journey to becoming a leading provider of apps to BigCommerce sites. Personally, I believe that BigCommerce is a fantastic e-commerce platform on an exciting growth curve. I fully expect to see a lot of exciting news and launches to come out of this space over the next couple of years. I want to help merchants as they transition to BigCommerce to make the most compelling ecommerce experiences.

Our roadmap include admin time-saver apps as well as customer-facing revenue-generating apps so watch this space for further announcements.

Tom Robertshaw
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